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Bramley PressI am discovering that there is transgender poetry out there, and some very good writing too. It’s hard to keep tabs on it though, and I’ve found more online than in print. As I began writing from my own experience and from meeting other transgender people, and from reflecting how we are received or misunderstood, I felt the need to get some of it out there. It tells an important story, and sometimes poetry speaks where prose narrative, however informative, does not.

At the same time I was dragging myself back into the real world and realising that I actually enjoy publishing and book design. So I started doing it again, and thinking it could be neat if I could build some interest in publishing for trans people, with an editorial eye for quality. Along with a range of other publishing services and activities, this is something I started doing.

Bramley Press

The Bramley Press website is a lot less pink than this, but is the place to go if you want to join me in this. My first publication was Grrl Alex: A personal journey to a transgender identity, which has been a lot of fun and very well received.

My second will be Realisations, which is a collection of my poems with a bit of structure and explanations for the unfamiliar.

Realisations is a collection of poems about the real ‘I’—the discovery of an authentic self whose gender is not congruent with the life lived thus far.

Whilst many of these poems reflect my own journey, many more are written to represent other viewpoints that are neither mine nor those of my family. Some were sparked by a chance word or shared experience, but don’t tell any specific story, rather evoke the difficult, fun, ironic or poignant moments that female men or male women—or however we best describe ourselves—experience.

This collection does not in any way intend to be definitive of the many diverse experiences of being transgender. Some readers will feel unrepresented and ask ‘where am I’? or say ‘it’s not like that!’ The poems are just descriptions of how it is for some, some of the time, or at some point along the way, and only ask to be read because there are so many of us, wanting to be recognised, understood and accepted as we are.


I would love to help you get your poetry or writing into print. You might get a better deal, and you will certainly get a sympathetic and personal service, so do contact me via the Press.

And you will see that I publish for Kindle and eReaders too. No small task for poetry, if ever you have tried, or downloaded poorly formatted pages! So if you are interested in poetry on Kindle, there’s no commitment in having a chat about it.