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Thank you, NHS

  • Posted on March 21, 2013 at 4:11 pm

I only want to say one thing today, but very big and very bold.

Thank you, NHS Worthing. From my GP who called me in at 11 am, took great care, and decided I needed an ambulance, and sent me off.

To the crew who were so wonderful all the way and stayed with me.

To the radiographer who just did her job, but so kindly.

To the nurse who did her tests and again, with real kindness.

To the lovely Scottish doctor who explained, and reassured and took his time (and my blood), and even wheeled my from A to B. (So you looked me up?)

All the way to the porter who saw me to getting a taxi back.

Oh, and again, to the first GP, who, at the end, when I thought I’d better ask about if the HRT made any difference, really, honestly didn’t know I was trans.

As if it mattered to a single person all day.

Thank you, one and all.