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  • Posted on February 9, 2013 at 11:44 pm

Touch me. Go on. I dare you.
No. Don’t. I want you to touch
because your hand cannot be stayed.

I want your heart to pump the
hydraulics of your arm, with power
to reach, and with precision, delve

and stop. Because you know
what is there and must not be harmed,
and pause. Because you care.

Reach me. Go on. I shall not stay you.
I trust you, but you must believe
that this is exploration, not exhumation

and only by digging deep can you see
that I lie ready, whole, intact, longing
to be touched and brought to life again.

But I need you to want, to reach,
to hope, to welcome, to understand,
to touch. Go on. I dare you.


2013 © Andie Davidson