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Books I’ve produced

  • Posted on January 11, 2012 at 12:11 pm

I have lost count of the books I have produced since I began in my student days (a long time ago) but apart from being in the high hundreds, they have been very diverse. I began with academic publishing that included non-English and ancient scripts, and archaeological works that were heavily illustrated with line drawings and photographs. I worked on journals and monographs before moving into training materials and documentation and a long career in research publishing, heavy in bibliographic reference, tables and charts. Now I am working individually with authors as a freelance editor, book designer, and as a publisher (my imprint is Bramley Press). I also convert books into Kindle and ePub format, working within the constraints and delights of the flexible page!

Recent titles include:

  • Realisations: my own collection of poetry
  • Grrl Alex: A personal journey to transgender identity
  • Dreams of Gold
  • Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide Series (8 volumes)
  • Whitebait and Tofu (Kindle edition)

I say more about publishing at my other site for Bramley Press.