• Posted on May 25, 2013 at 9:29 pm

This is love in armour, no
fluffy pink besotted
falling apart in haze, no
magic dust scattered in hair
the sparkle is the polish, on
our armour.

This is love played safe, no
flung-wide doors and hearts
ablaze and calling freely, no
wonder in the whirlwind here
our walls are what we touch, in
playing safe.

This is love defended, no
arms laid around forsaken
by empty hands made open, no
abandoned space for playing here
we stand alert and ready, in
our defence.

This is love spoken in dialect, no
easy understanding, natural
learned-from-the-child phrase, no
instant recognition from ear to heart
but defended, safe, strong, in
love with an r.


2013 ©&#nbsp;Andie Davidson


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