Discharged memories: two

  • Posted on May 27, 2013 at 10:59 am

Tangle of wires, these threads of   life
disconnects between phones with   histories
conversations now lost in silence   in a drawer
in a box of decisions,   of memories
electrical elements, complex,   elementary
useful without understanding,   currency
with potential to make happen,   to make happy
sad, lose, lose times, lose friends,   lives
lost in a box of decisions, to keep,   rejoin
find phones, find friends, find family,   or
finally forget and forgive and forsake,   spread,
on a carpet of decisions, coil,   lay out
in a mortician’s pattern of cold   calm the
inevitability, the undertaking,   tears
of the accepting bereaved. Nothing   flowing
in the untangling, connections draw   out
together again, in the box, in the drawer,   in this
burial of so many a departed   conversation.


2013 © Andie Davidson


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